List Your Property: My-Bermuda-House offers the widest selection of rental plans

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MBH offers the widest choice of rental plans in Bermuda today. If you want My-Bermuda-House to be your real estate agent, choose our sole or open rental listing plan. If you prefer to rent out your home yourself, try one of our "For Rent By Owner" options. Make your choice directly on this page, or click the Compare Plans button above to review these options in detail.

MBH Listing For Rent By Owner
Plan Sole Open 1 Week 1 Month
Price 1 Month Rent 1 Month Rent $35 $120

Sole Listing
Under a Sole Listing, MBH would act as the exclusive real estate agency for the rental of your property. As your sole agent, MBH would prepare the online listing, market the property, organize viewings, vet prospects, negotiate offers, provide regular feedback, structure the rental lease and collect the initial payments. For our services we charge an industry standard fee of one month's rent. In all matters relating to the lease of your property, we act solely on your behalf.

Open Listing
Under an Open Listing, you would appoint MBH as one of your real estate agents while reserving the right to appoint other agents as well. As an open listing agent, MBH would market your property with equal vigour - preparing the listing, organizing viewings, vetting prospects, negotiating offers, drafting the lease and collecting the initial payments. For our services we charge an industry standard fee of one month's rent. Although you may appoint several agencies, only the realtor that introduces a tenant is entitled to a rental fee.

For Rent By Owner
If you elect to rent your property yourself, we offer Bermuda's best FRBO solution. We give you the tools to create a full featured listing on our website with photographs, text, facts, features, maps, floor plans and more. So much better than anyone else! Plus we automatically notify our roster of registered renters when the property is activated and send all tenant inquiries directly to you for action. You do the showings, you save the rental fee. The advertising plan is charged to your credit card on a weekly or monthly basis and can be set up as a one time advertisement or on a recurring basis.

To learn more about my-bermuda-house's rental plans, please send an inquiry to or call us on (441) 292-6245.